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What are the characteristics of LED surgical shadowless lamp?
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Low power consumption and high efficiency of LED light source, provide the measurable economic benefits by reducing maitenance and electric cost

Long life span of LED technology light source,estimated at over 50,000 hours, ten times exceeds conventional light source. There is no frequent replacement of light sources, significantly reducing maintenance and replacement cost.

LED light source do not contain any heavy metals like lead or mercury which faclitate their future utilization. LED light sources does not produce harmful UV radiation.

LED technology ensures consistent light distribution and enables almost shadow-free conditions.

Low heat radiation minimize the temperature increase in the surgeon's head area to imperceptible level.

High light intensity and color rendering index facilites surgeries of especially narrow and deep wounds. The illumination is electronically dimmed to provide optimum illuminations of operating field, together with focus control.

Color temperature adjustment enables changing the contrast of observed tissue and reduces fatigue of operating surgeon, which affects the comfort and ergonomics of the medical staff.

Adjustable Endo light function reduce eye fatigue in case of endoscopic procedures and reflections on the monitors

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