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How to realize environmental protection? About the LED surgical light
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The operation lamp should be a kind of medical consumable, because the shadowless lamp has effective irradiation. Generally, the LED operation shadowless lamp bulb can't be used after more than 50000 hours, so can the operation lamp be reused after special treatment?

Operation shadowless lamp efficient energy conservation green environmental protection: operation shadowless lamp comfort operation lighting system brings the latest LED technology operating room. Surgical shadowless lamp is designed for excellent shadow control, low temperature rise and increased light intensity. They have a CRI of 96 and R9 greater than 90, allowing physicians to easily organize differences between them. The 4500k color temperature provides a natural white light, free of ultraviolet and infrared rays, ensuring that the surgical field of vision is still clearly illuminated. Led ceiling lamp also has a long life of 50000 hours and significant energy saving benefits. Main features: using high-quality LED surgical shadowless lamp bulb, really cold light source, no temperature rising in the field of medical equipment, natural white light, high brightness, high recognition, even if lighting, shadowless rate as high as 98%, LED bulb lamp long life as 50000 hours.

Therefore, it has to be said that the operation shadowless lamp is energy-efficient, green and environmental friendly, the bulb handle is sterilized, the digital camera system can be configured, the ceiling and portable models can be selected, and the lamp head is made of all high-quality aluminum alloy material. In addition to ensuring its comfort and saving energy, we must know that green environmental protection should also be done well. The materials to be applied shall be strictly selected and strictly implemented, and the power of the bulb shall be controlled within a range. The operation process can be carried out well, and the environment is also very harmonious and friendly, which is the development demand of shadowless lamp.

It can be said that after continuous improvement and improvement, the surgical shadowless lamp has become more and more perfect. Many hospitals have equipped with a new generation of surgical lighting products. The surgical lighting products with various configuration options make it easy for everyone to adapt to the medical system in any place. In particular, the improvement of the power consumption of the operation shadowless lamp is the most surprising.

Shantou EASYWELL Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has all star surgical shadowless lamp products, which can be customized according to the situation of the enterprise to meet the needs of the enterprise. Welcome to choose products.

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